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The founders wanted to create a different kind of mattress something which is like your very own. We researched well and found that in the past thirty or forty years, the mattress industry had developed a terrible reputation,” with misleading marketing, overbearing salespeople, and skyhigh prices, buying a mattress had become a miserable experience.

By adopting an innovative online business model, Mr. Nipun Gupta and his co-founders saw how they could make mattress shopping easier and satisfying for everyone. They are willing to replace the confusing, exhausting traditional mattress store with 24/7 customer service and a no-pressure home trial. “We wanted to offer the best customer satisfaction by delivering the best products, and treat customers in a way that they hadn’t seen in the mattress industry in their lifetime,”.

We believe consumers will respond well and accept us today and tomorrow. Mattresseswala is fast moving mattress brand. We did it by sticking to a few core principles: Sell a high quality product for a fair price, offer the absolute best after sales customer service. That is all about who we are and what we stand for.

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